Teamac achieves another Milestone at King Abdulaziz University

Teamac was given the task to supply and install Trend BMS at several buildings in King Ab- dulaziz University, Jeddah. Part of the scope was to integrate the control of these buildings from a central location. Other suppliers have also implemented BMS in the campus in the past using various proto-cols, however, Teamac completed the task successfully utilizing the existing campus LAN and using latest and state-of- the-art Trend Controllers from UK. “Working on operational buildings with daily classes and no shut offs was a very challenging task for our team”, says Khursheed Khan, Teamac Technical & Sales Director. Raheel BuƩ, Teamac Site Supervisor further adds, “We work with airconditioning equipments and even a single-day shut-down is not acceptable to clients. This is why on critical installations, we had to work up to 2 am in the morning and leave for students to come in the morning as if nothing happened the previous day!”
In addition to BMS, as part of energy conservation drive, some of the buildings now have the lighting controlled by BMS through Occupancy or Motion Sensors. Lights remain On as long as the students are in the classes, thus bringing significant savings in electricity consumption. Other energy saving initiatives included the use of Variable Frequency Drives, controlling Fresh Air intake using Air Quality Sensors and time-based daily or weekly schedule. “The results have been signifi- cant”, says Dr. Sreeram Kumar, Chair Professor at Vice Presi- dency for Projects. “We have analyzed the data for the last one and half years in three buildings. Results vary from building to building and we have seen a monthly savings of 16 - 31%. Over time, this brings a major impact and we are recommending the same concept for more buildings in future as well.”

The importance of energy con- servation is not new in Saudi Arabia. For example, Saleh Al Awaji, Deputy Minister of Wa- ter and Electricity recently said, “Around 70 percent of electrici- ty consumption in Saudi Arabia go on air conditioning and with more than 1.5 million new homes needed to keep pace with population growth, do- mestic energy demand is antici- pated to double by 2030.” This highlights the importance and need of optimizing the use of air-conditioning by using the latest technologies available to the market. BMS plays an important role in this regard and Teamac will continue to be part of the University’s drive towards future energy conservation initiatives and drives.